2019 Annual Meeting Conservation Symposia

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Wednesday, February 6

9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

National Conservation Planning Partnership Symposium – hosted by NCDEA

Presenters: Chessa Frahm, NCDEA | Melissa Higbee, NCDEA | Kasey Taylor | Astor Boozer, NRCS | Tim Riley, NCDEA | William Hodge, NARC&DC | Mike Brown, NASCA | Jeremy Peters, NACD

Find out what people are hearing and believe about the National Conservation Planning Partnership. The symposium will feature an overview and wrap-up of the NCPP listening sessions, a producer panel, an employee-led panel on conservation planning boot camp, and a panel consisting of the NCPP organization leadership. All panels will include Q&A with the audience.

9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Ecosystem Services Market Program – Empowering districts, producers and industry

Presenters: Chad Ellis, Noble Research Institute | Sean Penrith, Gordian Knot Strategies

Balancing the pursuit of economic and environmental outcomes is challenging for farmers in the face of a changing policy and market landscape. Noble Research Institute’s (NRI) farmer-facing Ecosystem Services Market (ESM) program will include a large-scale funding mechanism independent of government subsidies. The financing mechanism will secure its returns based on the environmental performance of investing in soil health, as well as other soil and water conservation practices. The ESM program will mobilize billions in private capital that is comfortable with repayment horizons of 15 -20 years. This funding will be offered to farmers wishing to enroll in the ESM program on a pay-for-success basis; as the conservation impacts (carbon sequestration, water quality and water quantity) are created and verified, farmers are paid. These impacts will then be sold to voluntary and compliance buyers who are seeking differentiation and alignment with supply chain and internal environmental targets.

Technical assistance will be a vital service to support producers in the transition to regenerative agriculture. The suite of available practices considered under the ESM program are not a one-size-fits all framework. Engaging and supporting farmers on the path to adopt approaches that work for them and their production system will be crucial for the longevity of ESM program.

NACD’s representation of 3,000 conservation districts and their strong advocacy for voluntary, incentive-driven natural resource conservation programs make it a natural ally of the ESM program.

This holistic program will unlock the vast potential of our nation’s soils and empower our agricultural producers.

Who should attend: Producers, district officers

Key takeaways: Opportunities for producer enrollment and for district technical assistance support

9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Urban and Community Conservation Symposium

Conservation/natural resource districts provide locally-driven solutions to natural resources concerns on all landscapes. In developed and developing areas, whether cities or villages, this requires broad partnerships, inclusive communications and community engagement. This symposium will feature six districts and some of the ways they have successfully addressed their communities’ unique natural resource concerns.

  • Inland Empire Resource Conservation District, Calif.Partnering with an Urban Community Farm to Expand RCD/NRCS Outreach
  • Mancos Conservation District, Colo.The Montezuma School to Farm Project in Southwest Colorado
  • Prince George’s Soil Conservation District, Md.Soil and Water Conservation on the Urban Landscape
  • Kitsap Conservation District, Wash.Gardening for Restoration and Conservation Education
  • New York City Soil and Water Conservation District, N.Y.Empowering Community Based Organizations through Partnerships
  • Cuyahoga Soil and Water Conservation District, OhioDiversity in People, Programs and Projects: One SWCD’s Challenges and Successes of Urban Environmentalism


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