Stewardship Program

In 1955, the National Association of Conservation Districts began a national program to encourage Americans to focus on stewardship. Stewardship Week is officially celebrated from the last Sunday in April to the first Sunday in May. It is one of the world’s largest conservation-related observances.

The program relies on conservation districts sharing and promoting stewardship and conservation through field days, educational programming, and workshops to educate citizens about the need to care for our natural resources. Many district activities extend beyond the one-week observance to include an entire year of outreach. Stewardship Week helps to remind us all of the power each person has to conserve natural resources and improve the world. When everyone works together with their local conservation district, that power continuously grows.

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Stewardship Themes

The Stewardship and Education Committee has developed a five-year rotation for stewardship topics – water, soil, habitat, forestry, and a topic of interest – and determines the theme each year. The 2017 Stewardship theme is “Healthy Soils Are Full of Life.”


Productive soils are the foundation of any healthy ecosystem. As the world’s population grows and demand for food production increases, it’s essential that we work together to protect and enhance our soils. Rules, entry forms, and other resources for the 2017 NACD Poster Contest and Stewardship Week – which will take place April 30 to May 7, 2017 – are now available on the Contests page.

Click on the logos below to view and download resources from previous years’ stewardship themes.

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